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Why glamping?


We set out to design a Glamping camp instead of the traditional hotel, because we think that this new form of hospitality “glamour camp” is the expression of the need increasingly felt by third millennium traveller, to get away from populous centers and from overbuilding of some touristic areas (which unfortunately does exist here in Belize ) to take refuge in a place where they can live in harmony with nature, but without sacrificing comfort 

We believe that it is the determining factor in the choice of destination for adventure holidays or just to get back in touch with nature alone generates that inner peace that we often lose.

The comfort  and the discreet luxury of your own camp leaving behind trivial details completes the atmosphere, turning the stay in glamping into a memorable life time experience.

Staying in a Glamping camp is already an experience in itself!

You can count on our advice and our assistance to discover the true spirit of Belize visiting hidden places  not touristy, you can indulge in interesting activities ‘that will make you tune in to the explicit nature of the Island lifestyle  .We suggest activities’ sports , cultural, recreational experiences & local traditions of this land full of sun and water!

ARE you acknowledged as “GLAMPERS”?


The Bamboo staff are waiting for you for an unforgettable experience

Glamping is the expression of a new Green Philosophy that is spreading all over the world. Destinations such as South Africa have seen the birth of this en  plain  air  tourism. They introduced these non-invasive tourist settlements in their large natural spaces. They offered their guests, for the first time, direct and deep contact with nature combined with a high level of service . The movement started with small niche projects and now has grown to become a global trend. Glamping creates atmospheres that allow us to experience how our perception changes when there are no TVs or phones that continually absorb our attention and help to find that inner peace that only direct contact with nature can generate 



..Concepts that until recently were mutually exclusive , today find their expression in luxury camping that combines the fun of an adventure holiday in touch with nature with the advantages excellent service 

A study done by one of the major operators in the sector revealed that glamping attracts tourism genetically precise; eco-educated, nonstandard and therefore enterprising and curious individual; it is a tourism of word of mouth being wary of tourist packages, detests crowds and searches nature, landscapes and low density areas of human settlement.



The increase in pollution, the depletion of energy resources, the enormous production of waste on the part of the consumer society, the continued demand for new developments, have produced an increasing attention to environmental issues. The azure blue waters , clean air, intact rain forest and  pristine reef’s are becoming more and more rare goods and even more precious and they cannot be wasted. the need to find contact with nature is becoming increasingly the determining factor in the final choice for the third millennium traveller fleeing from urban centers eager to engage in rich experiences   


GLAMOUR + CAMPING ..for sustainable tourism

Here comes glamping (glamourous camping) as eco/ sustainable tourism model that can realize this dream; thus, the use of A ZERO IMPACT ENVIRONMENTAL STRUCTURE, perfectly integrated into the environment, with ecological and eco-friendly but comfortable furniture, not luxurious or sophisticated but always inspired by criteria of environmental respect. The central structure of Bamboo is the gear hut and a fully outfitted kitchen that is provided for your comfort 



A typical day at Bamboo

…follow the rhythms of nature and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of a place without predetermined programs…

This is a must for Bamboo

Indulge your emotions!

Even the excursions will be personalized by you per our concierge director’s recommendations about waves and weather Wake up have a wonderful early morning breakfast then plan your daily adventures  - Kayak . Fish . Snorkel . Sail . Explore the park with your own private boat & captin , or just lie in a hammock on your very own private beach it’s as simple as that 

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About Southwater Caye

Location, Location, Location

Because of the freshwater sources in the center of this small island, Pirates & fisherman used to stop off at South Water Caye to replenish their supplies. Approximately 15 acres in size, South Water Caye lies directly above the Belize Barrier Reef and is home to some of the best snorkeling and diving in the country.

Why You Have to Visit South Water Caye

When a beautiful tropical island comes to mind, South Water Caye is an almost picture-perfect rendition of that image. With gorgeous panoramas of the Caribbean, sugar sand white beaches and gorgeous snorkeling and diving opportunities nearby, South Water Caye is one of the most beautiful islands in Belize. Because the island is in the middle of a protected nature reserve, it is very easy to see an abundance of colorful marine life all along the shoreline. South Water Caye is located directly atop the Belize Barrier Reef a few miles offshore from Stann Creek District in southeastern Belize. It is in the center of the South Water Caye Marine Park, a protected reserve where fishing and industrial activity is prohibited.

When Is the Best Time to Go 

The weather is near-perfect all-year round at South Water Caye so pretty much any time is a good time for visiting this small island atop the Belize Barrier Reef. Rainfall is higher from June to November so plan accordingly. Hurricane season in the Caribbean is at its peak from mid-August through the end of September so check the weather forecast before heading out to the island.

The Best Way to Get to South Water Caye 


South Water Caye has no airport so the only way to get there is by water taxi or private boat. Depending on the weather, it takes approximately 45 minutes to arrive at South Water Caye from Dangriga or other coastal locations in Stann Creek District


South Water Caye Marine Reserve is the second largest marine reserve in Belize, covering 117,875 acres (approximately 47,700 hectares), and was established by the Fisheries Department in 1996, in recognition of the exceptional integrity of the marine ecosystems, and its national, regional and international importance. The Marine Reserve is located on the shallow reef platform of the Atlantic coast of Mesoamerica, and is part of the Mesoamerican reef, stretching approximately 1,000km from the Yucatan to the Bay Islands in Honduras. The majority of the Mesoamerican Reef lies within Belize, a country with a low population and relatively low rate of coastal development, leading to its recognition for having some of the least impacted reef areas in the region, and the highest diversity of fish species.  The area is a priority for conservation due to its particularly rich biodiversity, supporting an important oceanic mangrove system and extensive seagrass meadows, which provide valuable habitats for commercial and non-commercial species – including queen conch (Strombus gigas) and lobster (Panulirus argus), the foundations of the traditional fishing industry on which a number of coastal communities in Belize are dependent. The sheltered waters and mangrove systems of the Pelican cayes in the southern area of the Marine Reserve have been identified as one of the most biodiverse marine systems within the western hemisphere, supporting a number of endemic species, and species new to science. Mangrove cayes provide nesting sites for several nationally important bird species and include Man O’ War Caye, protected in its own right as a Crown Reserve. The numerous sand bores adjacent to Wee Wee Caye include an established nesting beach for the rare roseate tern (Sterna dougallii), and the area is also utilized by marine turtles for nesting. South Water Caye Marine Reserve is one of the seven protected areas that form the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO. The Marine Reserve lies on Belize’s continental shelf, and encompasses numerous submerged mangrove islands.